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BABY BJÖRN Travel Crib Light 2 Review $220

BABY BJÖRN Travel Crib Light 2 Review

  • Price
  • Saftey
  • Portability

Let’s start this review off by addressing the elephant in the room. The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is expensive!  How expensive you ask – Around $220 but worth every penny!  Amazon hands down, has the best prices but plan on spending over $200.  At least    AMAZON HAS FREE SHIPPING!.…and it’s fast!!


The reason the Baby Bjorn company can charge so much for this travel crib and not even provide a blanket for the mattress (yep, that’s true), is because no other crib can do what this one does. These Swedish guys make more then candy fish.  They have done their homework.  They know their babies!!

It’s a “Travel” crib so the ability to assemble, disassemble, pick up and go are key features. Their biggest competitor is the Pack and Play – that everyone seems to have, and it weighs a whopping 28 lbs!. Whooah fatty!! The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light lives up to its name weighing in at a feathery 11 lbs, which includes the weight of the carry case! You are paying for Engineering my friends.

Now this isn’t necessarily a complaint but more of a wish. The case is too big to store as carry on luggage on flights. This is a shame only because the Travel Light crib is perfect to set up and drop the baby in anywhere!. At the airport: Pop it open, dump the baby in. At Grandma’s : Pop it open, dump the baby in. At the hotel: Pop it open, dump the baby in. You get the idea.


I have to say, when you look at a Pack and Play, and a Travel Crib Light side by side, the pack in play looks so much “more”.



It looks more decorative, sturdier and simply luxurious.  Well that’s why everyone has them.  People who don’t’ actually have to set them up and carry them; buy them as baby shower gifts for the people who do.  The person, who has actually had to travel with a crib, selects the Baby Bjorn because they know the deal!

Those other models are all show and no go.  The Baby Bjorn is engineered so that the mattress rests on the floor. This is genius.  It eliminates the worry of tipping over.  We had a terrorizing 2 year old walking around grabbing everything he could get his chubby little fingers on and he could not topple or even tip the travel crib.  These guys at Baby Bjorn are professionals, so without all the fu-fu that makes the other travel light cribs way a ton, they manage to keep things covered for safety and even waterproof the mattress just in case “somebody” has an accident.

Flaring Legs

There are some complaints about the flaring legs, and the adults tripping over them, but they are flared just in case your little one falls while in the crib, they will not hit any hard objects. The crib also has mesh sides, so you can get your “peek on” from across the room.

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib ASSEMBLY

Here is where the competition is blown away. The Travel light crib can literally set up,  without reading any directions in less than a minute. Honest to goodness. We have video proof! The pack n play video clip is so long, it almost couldn’t fit on Youtube!

The first video is the best because it mimics an actual everyday scenario. Note the Baby Bjorn clip is only 45 seconds!!

Here is another cheesy little video – it does a great job at illustrating how easy it is to travel with the Baby Bjorn!

If you are staying in a hotel, or at the in-laws, the Baby Bjorn Travel Light Crib can be set up and taken down daily without even thinking. There is no chance of putting something together wrong, or losing any pieces. The wife doesn’t have to drag the hubby off the couch to assemble it, and the husband doesn’t have any excuses not to get it ready when it’s time. This is by far the strongest selling point of this project. The more you have experienced other travel cribs, the more you will appreciate the ease of execution of the Baby Bjorn Travel Light Crib.

• No shoulder strap for the carry bag – That would be the cats ass, if it had a shoulder strap. …..I’m just saying.
• Bending Over – You bend over just a little more then the travel cribs that don’t sit the mattresses on the floor.
• No Mattress Sheet – The darn thing doesn’t even come with a Sheet for the mattress. That’s $38 extra. It makes you feel just a little aggravated. You say to yourself, “Dude, I just spent $250 and can’t even get a sheet?” or even better, “They don’t give a sheet”.

As a consolation, you can use the Khoala Baby Travel crib sheet from Babies R Us. $12 bucks! It’s been recommended repeatedly on line for use.

• Manufacturer’s Age: Birth – 3 years
• Height/length/width

- when transported: 19″ x 23,5″ x 5.5″ (49 x 60 x 14 cm)
- when assembled: 5.5″ x 45″ x 31.5″ (60 x 115 x 80 cm)
• Mattress: 60 x 105 cm
• Crib fabric: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester
• Mesh: 100% Polyester

• Base fabric: 100% Polyester

• Bottom surface of mattress cover: 100″ Polyester
• Top surface of mattress cover: 50% Polyester 50%, (PU) Polyeretan

Am I wrong?

If you have purchased this item based on my review,





  1. Very well-done review, and I love your web design. I have to say you’re 100 percent right about the Baby Bjorn, and why people buy the Grace instead.

    Eye candy, and cheap. Otherwise, this thing lasts forever! We’ve had ours for a while and it’s a hand-me-down from this point.

  2. This is a great well written and extremely entertaining review! I can’t wait for you to review more products. Thanks also for the freebies!!! I will be back.



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